Giving 100% even when you feel less than 100%

Ever wake up feeling less than your best?  Of course you have, we all have.  How do you handle it? Do you give in to your feelings and throw in the towel? Perhaps you have even said "ugh i just do not feel like myself today" or you may even let everyone around you know to watch out because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or perhaps you don't even need to say a word because your actions attitude and even your attire shout to your friends family coworkers that you are having less than a perfect day.

Well, I say you should be thankful that you are even able to get up and get out of bed!  I have seen first hand a man who would have given anything to be able to get up out of bed and no matter how he was feeling he would have given it !00% just to have the opportunity.

This man was my father and he spent his life making the most of everyday.  He was up before the sun every day and accomplished more each day than most folks did in a week.  Then tragedy happened  when he was 87 . He spent the last 2 years of his life bed ridden.  He would have given anything to be able to get up and walk out of the front door just to get the daily newspaper. As a matter of fact he was found numerous times on the floor next to his bed because he tried just that.

The next time you wake up and complain because you are just not feeling 100%  You need to honor yourself and give 100% of whatever % you have that day.

For example if you are feeling like 50% then give 100% of the 50% you have that day.  You also need to take it a step further.  Think about how easy it is to put on your smile, dress your best , kick butt at work, and be kind to others when you are feeling great.

The next time you are feeling less than great you need to kick in your Positive Forward Motion.  Put on your smile, dress your best, listen to your favorite upbeat music, read a positive quote or 2 or 3, be your own best cheerleader and tell yourself how awesome you are.  You will start to notice your day going from a 50% to 60%,70% ...Hey you may even get to 100% before the day is over.






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