Your Smile is Your Logo

Smiling is a very natural response that shares our happiness with others. If you are like me and you are in the people business you better be really good at sharing your sunshine!  There is a serious mind-body connection that occurs when you smile and guess what? It’s contagious and it can make you happy even when you’re not.  Its science! When you smile your brain receives a message that you are happy!

Every single encounter and interaction you have with someone else shapes their impression of you.  Think about how much time we put into our website and our photos and the perfect business card. Those are all tools that are necessary but your power tools are with you by nature!

There is nothing more important than a customer. When a dealership hires me and gives me permission to call on their database I do not take it lightly and neither should you.

We each hold in our hands the power to shape a customer’s experience. In one phone call or a series of phone calls we will be leaving an impression and we have the opportunity to sweep them off of their feet.

Ask yourself how you would want to be treated, what would your expectations be from a place where you spent 20,30,40 50 Thousand dollars? That is not a small chunk of change, being that it’s the second largest purchase a person makes in their lifetime I would say we better treat them with kindness and respect.

If you’re going to have a job, show up to work, sit down at a desk and pick up the phone to make calls to a guest than don’t blow it!

Moral of the story: The customer on the other end of the line actually signs your paycheck.





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